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On the 4th of May 2001 the monastery was granted the right to farm indefinitely an area of 46 acres as stipulated by the State Act II KM n°002916.

It should however be noted that before the Revolution of 1917 the land owned was far more extensive.

On the 4th of July 2001 a group of Tartar fundamentalists supported by the present administrative leader of the Bakchisaray district, Ilmi UMEROV, who was at the same time president of the illegal "Medjlice" faction of Bakchisaray decided to take justice into their own hands and take possession of the land which traditionally belonged to the monastery using sticks and stones.

Sadly, the return to Crimea of the Tatars, who were deported in 1944, instead of the expected peaceful co-existence has brought to the peninsula hostility and stress. The leaders of the illegal majlis of Crimean Tatars, to the shame of their folk, are pushing them towards strife and discord. The networks of Tatar squatting has spread over the entire territory, including protected areas and the lands that have already been taken over by the natives.

Today, using the lack of housing as justification for their illegal actions, the Tatars, who number only 12% of the total population of Crimea, already have more land per capita than the indigenous population. Not only that, it soon became apparent that the lands are being seized with the prospect of sale and to accumulate wealth.