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On the 21st of November 2006 the monastery received authorisation from the Executive Committee of the City Council of Bakchisaray to undertake construction work on the Tchuruk-Su river. The project included building 100 metres of the monastery‚ enclosure wall along the river bank. As the deadline for beginning the work became imminent, only the authorisation from the Gask of Bakchisaray was missing, but the monastery expected it to arrive in due time.

However, in a letter dated the 11th of December 2006 and bearing the reference number KO-29, M. UMEROV, the President of the administration of the District of Bakchisaray, expressed his doubts as to whether a positive answer was forthcoming. The start of the works posed two major problems :

1) building the Holy Doors and their 200-metre enclosure;
2) building the 130-metre protection wall for the north-western land plot on the north-eastern slope of the Mariampol gorge.

On the 11th of january 2007 the monastery of the Dormition asked the municipality for authorisation to begin prospecting for the building of the Holy Doors and the enclosure wall for the north-eastern land plot on the north-eastern slope of the Mariampol gorge. Due to the movements of the Tartars around the site of the enclosure of the Holy Doors, the superior of the monastery, archimandrite Siluan, made the following decisions during the conference which took place in the headquarters of the Bakchisaray administration on the 23rd of January 2007 :

It is well known that some people consider that the building of the Holy Doors would prevent access by Muslims and members of other religions from to their own sacred places: cemeteries, the Tchufout-Kal etc. The general plan of the monastery, drawn up by the "KrimNiiproekt Institute", taking into consideration the decision of the municipal council of the Ministry of architecture and environmental policy, provides for two additional access points to the Zingili Medresa area: the first by the Bassenko road (an ancient entry closed by decision of the executive staff of the free health center), and the second by the Tchurouk-Sou river.

These two points of access have been included in the general building plan, which even mentions the possibility of a passage to the Tchurouk-Kale and to the cemeteries by a road crossing monastery land. In order to bypass the Holy Doors, I propose that those of other faiths who prefer not to pass under the Orthodox Cross take the Bassenko road up to the Holy Doors and then continue across the land towards the slope.

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