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In the beginning the monastery possessed only one church and three cells in a rock, but by now it became a real City of God, including several churches where the name of the Lord and of His All Holy Mother is magnified. It also comprises a small piece of land for farming. Presently the monastery owns the following buildings:

A. The churches of the monastery There are five churches with one altar.

a) the cavern temple consecrated to the Holy Dormition of the Theotokos, on the place where the miraculous icon of the Mother of God “Panaguia” appeared. This temple also owns a number of holy icons particularly venerated:


1. The Holy Icon of the Dormition on the iconostasis, 1archine high (0,71 cm) and 3,5 verchoks large (1 verchok = 4,4 cm), made of silver chasuble. The icon was offered by the commander of Bakhchisaray, colonel Totovitch. Many deeply faithful Christians were spiritually and physically healed by the intercession of the icon and many people made gold or silver offerings to the icon hoping to recover health.

2. A copy of the Holy Icon “Panaguia”, 1 archine and 2 verchoks high and 12 verchoks large, made of silver chasuble and decorated with pearls and precious stones. The chasuble was offered by the general-lieutenant’s wife, Evdokia Martynova, on 24th of March 1856.

3. A copy of the miraculous icon of the Theotokos Kiev Petchersk, 8 verchoks high and 6 verchoks large, made of gold-plated silver chasuble, sent from the Kiev Petchersk Lavra by Metropolitan Filaret on the foundation day of the monastery. On the Name-Day of the monastery, the 15th of August, Vigils are celebrated in front of this icon, on the church square.

4. An icon of the Saviour containing 84 relics from the bodies of different saints, 15 verchoks high and 12 verchoks large, sent by the Monastery of the Theotokos in Korsoun for the foundation day of the Lavra.

5. A Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ made of three types of wood: cypress, filbert and cedar and bearing the following inscription: “Sent by the Old Athos to the New for the blessing of its foundation in 1850.”

6. The icon of the Theotokos with the child on the right side, two angels and the 7 martyrs of Kherson, painted on the rock where the miraculous icon “Panaguia” appeared. A candle is burning day and night in front of it.

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