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Archbishop Innokenti was famous for his rhetorical talent and for his erudition. He left many written works. The love of Christ’s servant for his flock became particularly fervent during the terrifying events of the Crimean war and the first defensive war at Sebastopol in 1854-55. The patriotic deeds of Archbishop Innokenti morally encouraged those who fought for their country. In recognition of the worthy service he vowed to his church and country, he was conferred several titles and a diamond cross. He died in 1857 in Odessa. Ever since, on the Name-Day of the parish Vigils have been celebrated in this place.

Chapter III

The present situation of the Monastery of the Dormition

It is 50 years now since the monastery opened and 13 superiors succeeded during this time:

Archimandrite Polycarpe (185-1853);
Archimandrite Mitrophane (1853-1854);
Archimandrite Véniamine (1854-1855);
Archimandrite Nicolaï (1855-1864);
Archimandrite Dionissi (1864-1868);
Hieromonk Flaviane (1868-1869), now vicar Archbishop of Georgia;
Archimandrite Mikhaïl (1869-1871);
Hieromonk Flaviane for the second time (1871-1873);
Archimandrite Antoni (1873-1877);
Archimandrite Dionissi for the second time (1877-1883);
Hieromonk Evfimi (1883-1885);
Hieromonk Guérman (1885-1887);
Hegoumenos André (1887-1890);
Archimandrite Isidore (1890-1900);
Hegoumenos of Féodossia (from 26th of September 1900 to 6th of February 1901);
Hieromonk Arkadi - since 6th of February 1901.


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