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Oh, what a glorious future for our mountains! I think I can see the accomplishment of what now only begins! I see Saint Vladimir visiting in spirit the temple where he and all the Russian people was baptized and converted to the Orthodox faith. I see saint Stephen of Souroge finding a shelter for his faithful flock in this valley where he spread the holy dogmas at the time of Iconoclasm. I see the almost forgotten seven holy martyrs of Kherson, who are now invisibly meeting their disciples in their churches in order to teach them the example of their own lives. I can see the Popes of Rome, Clement and Martin, coming back to their peaceful, but also painful hermitage and finding it transformed into a privileged place for the divine service. And finally I can see the name of the Disciple and Apostle who first pronounced Christ’s name in our mountains and then in the whole Russia. May our churches always bear his name with honour!

Blessed be our Lord who deigned to look at this place in our mountains! Now it is up to us to make grow the spiritual fruit of this divine and vivifying vine about which it is said: “I am the true vine and you are the branches.” We are grateful to the All Faithful Sovereign who considered our prayer and ordered that a sanctuary abandoned for centuries should be set up again! So let us bring together our fervent prayers before the Lord, dear brothers, and may our good hopes come true and our efforts bear fruit. If the Lord does not build this house Himself for the glory of His name, all our efforts will be vain.

Oh Lord, you who see the depth of heart and thought, you can also see our good will to restore these sacred places in our mountains, therefore we beg you to look from the Height of your All Mighty Glory and send your Holy Grace upon this place and all the other places waiting for restoration!

Mother of God, you who chose to dwell on Mount Athos, I beg you to cover our mountains with your holy veil and thus take them into your motherly protection.

Holy Fathers and God servants, martyrs and practitioners of faith, who sprinkled and consecrated our land with your blood and tears, come and give us strength so that Christ’s Cross for which you gave your life may rise again on these mountains. Amen.”

At the end of the procession people sang wishing a long life to the faithful Tsar and to the whole Illustrious House, the Holy Synod, the benefactors of the monastery and to all the Orthodox Christians.

When the event seemed to be finished, suddenly, several persons wearing monk cloaks came out of the priests’ range and kneeled in front of the archpriests for blessing of their future spiritual actions. Helping them to stand up again the archbishop addressed them a particularly touching sermon starting as follows: “By your great number and humble appearance you represent, my brothers, this little flock about which our Saviour says in the Gospel: Do not be afraid, little flock, for thy Father gave you the Kingdom.”

Then the Archbishop blessed the future monks with the icon of Saint Mitrophane and thus the procession ended.

By the author of this article: Innokenti, Archbishop of Kherson and Tavrida, is a famous theologian, professor of the Russian Orthodox Church and a Russian patriot, Ivan Alexeevitch Borisov by real name. He was born in the Orlov province in 1800 in a priest’s family. He studied at the seminaries of Orlov and Kiev and obtained a doctor’s degree in theology. Since 1847 he had been a member of the Holy Synod. He successively was the dean of the Saint Alexander Nevski seminary in Saint Petersburg and the president of the Theological Academy in Kiev and Tavrida.


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